33 years ago my elite college form tutor told me that I would never be able to have a job involving public speaking, teaching or using the English language... but I didn't listen.


I knew what I wanted from life and no-one could dissuade me.

 After 10 years: 

  • Master degree in comparative English-Bulgarian philology

  • Married my wonderful husband and had our daughter

  • Started a business for Express Business Documents Deliveries and sold it 18 months later

  • Worked as a Teacher to children 7 to 18 year old

  • Coordinated Politically Sensitive Markets Negotiations for a Stock Listed Chemical Producer


After another 10 years :

  • Started a brand new career in Accounting and Tax and was appointed the First Female Tax Manager at a top 50 Accountancy firm after tripling clients portfolio.


After yet another 10 Years Later


I realised that it was time to make changes, reassess and re-write my own story. I decided to make the change to do something I could actually feel passionate about, that would change people's lives, whilst using my unique skillset.


I already had Business Coaching and NLP Practitioner Qualifications.  

My clients were mostly business owners who needed more than just Confidence and Successful Behaviours. They wanted Knowledge about Successful MOVES for their businesses to DO BETTER.


I was already getting very frustrated for not being able to give my clients The Ultimate Step-by Step MANUAL For Guaranteed Business Success. Like the one New parents are given when their child is born (really, there is no such a thing!!!).


Through this frustration, my book was born. Written for my clients who had limited budgets and could not afford the high fees charged by the consultancy services their businesses badly needed. They just could not afford a £10k fee for a professional campaign.


Inspired, I married together all my gifts, abilities, knowledge, skills, experience and faith to create these comprehensive powerful ways that grow business owners so that they can grow their businesses...Profitably, Risk Free, While Working Less.



I believe in challenging the Status Quo and I believe in Thinking Differently

Whatever I choose to do, I deliver it!

Philip - Five Stars
"An interesting piece"

Review via Amazon
Astrid - Take the challenge
"This book really helps the reader to understand not only what they need to do, but how. Antonina writes clearly and uses her experience to create persuasive and helpful scenarios that really build understanding."

Review via Amazon
C. James - Fantastic!
"I have read this inspiring book. It has given me new ideas for my business and I have applied the techniques already and found them to be really helpful. I would never have thought of how to market my small business without the ideas in this book. Antonina writes in an informative way and keeps information punchy and easy to read.
Well worth it for any business owner from small to large."

Review via Amazon
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Antonina Manev is a change-maker Business Strategist , Management Consultant, Mentor, Speaker and Author with 30 years of experience in Education, Industry and Finance.


She founded VISIONS NSPIRE and The BUSINESS ACADEMY to serve Business Owners, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs by helping them to increase business while working less and increase profits at no financial risk.


Based in East Sussex, UK  Antonina consults, trains and mentors business owners internationally.

Antonina is highly experienced in a myriad of business growth strategies, coaching techniques and NLP. She combined her background and knowledge of many years in the Corporate arena with a passion for coaching and accelerated training of Business Owners to build profitable and authentic businesses consistently and with confidence.