The story behind

my first book

It was February 2016 just after a very stressful tax season in the office. I was having a week off to rest and get back to a normal pace of life while catching on the progress of my current coaching clients and the business.


I had read many books on marketing and business, generating leads, writing marketing leaflets and designing business cards; more books on positioning the business, establishing target clients etc. I was finding the answers I needed from multiple sources but the process of finding all the information was exhausting. The time I was spending on learning the Whats, Hows, Whens and Whys was slowing me down and made me feel as though I was running on the spot. There was so much to grasp and put together but the question – ‘HOW do I make all work seamlessly and produce the results I want?’ – remained unanswered.


I also spent money on marketing specialists. The first one corrected some of the grammatical errors of the website content and gave me a spreadsheet with contacts and addresses WITHOUT telling me WHAT to do and HOW I can make them my clients. The second one quoted an extortionate fee to help me generate more leads without guaranteeing conversions into paying clients.


The enormity of the

marketing world

was growing in

front of me like

a vast abyss

that I had no idea

how to begin


Visions Nspire - International Business Strategist Antonina Manev
Visions Nspire - International Business Strategist Antonina Manev
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The enormity of the marketing world was growing in front of me like a vast abyss that I had no idea how to begin tackling.


I was feeling overwhelmed, losing steam, feeling like a failure and a drain on the family budget.


I WISHED there was a simple to follow All-in-One manual with a step-by-step guide that tells any entrepreneur like me what to do, when to do it, why to do it and how it is done while guaranteeing RESULTS.


Well, there wasn’t anything like that on the market when I was in need of help. Apparently, all experts were keeping the secrets to themselves so they could charge their fees and I wasn’t in a position to pay them.


So after a lot of reading, researching, trial and error, I came up with about 30 essential questions that I had asked myself at the start of my business venture and more importantly a solution for each one!


And there it was staring at me - the most vital steps when setting up in business. Most importantly - the answers how to expand limitlessly.


Each chapter has details of each one of the 10 most important steps, with an easy to follow guide so that any new business starter can learn and implement the steps without the need to spend hard saved money on marketing consultants - at least not in the fragile beginning.

For some, the information here may not be new but remember that the purpose of the guide is to show

you the sequence of steps you can follow to start

your business and then grow it LIMITLESSLY!


The Difference Between

What Your Business Profits Are and What You Want Them To Be



10 steps of proven revenue-building strong marketing strategies - all in one place. 


Easy to follow, explained in simple terms, giving you full control - designed to save your business time and money so that you can focus on growing the business. 


Start out-thinking, out-marketing and out-selling your competition with competence, knowledge and confidence.

Philip - Five Stars! Exactly what every business owner needs.
Philip - Five Stars! Exactly what every business owner needs.

"An interesting piece" Review via Amazon

Astrid - Take the challenge
Astrid - Take the challenge

"This book really helps the reader to understand not only what they need to do, but how. Antonina writes clearly and uses her experience to create persuasive and helpful scenarios that really build understanding." Review via Amazon

C. James - Fantastic!
C. James - Fantastic!

"I have read this inspiring book. It has given me new ideas for my business and I have applied the techniques already and found them to be really helpful. I would never have thought of how to market my small business without the ideas in this book. Antonina writes in an informative way and keeps information punchy and easy to read. Well worth it for any business owner from small to large." Review via Amazon

Thought provoking & motivating!
Thought provoking & motivating!

The approach taken by the author is practical and pragmatic - straight to the most important elements a business owner needs to focus and consider when starting or running a business. Very helpful insight into how to structure the most important resource we all have - Time and Life. Fantastic and thought-provoking!

Over the past years, I have worked alongside businesses from different industries helping them implement different revenue and profit increase strategies. I was recording the results curious to measure several financial key performance indicators including Leads rate, Conversion rate, Revenue increase, Profit increase rate and Return On Investment.


Gaining the permission of the business owners I put it all together in the form of Case Studies and I am sharing my findings with you to aid your journey of success.


Each case study follows these steps:


  • Profit finding in less than 60 minutes

  • What the challenge is

  • What strategy is selected and why

  • How it is implemented

  • What is the financial result for the business owner

Watch this space for the publishing announcement!