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Great! You are serious about your business

Mindset Clue: 

"Playing by Old Rules Will Only Lose

New Battles"

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STRAT by booking a convenient time for our FREE 30 min FIRE RAPID BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Consultation 

COMPLETE the brief questionnaire below and SUBMIT

Be PREPARED - On the day you will need to have access to internet with video and audio, laptop/desktop screen - the data will be screen-shared with you.

FINALLY: Use your time wisely.



About You and Your Business

Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.

Your details remain confidential at all times.

1. Tell more about your business? What is your core product or service offering? What Is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
2. What is the business current annual revenue (turnover)?
3. What is the business current gross profit margin as a %? (From the gross sales (turnover) you have covered direct costs of producing the good or service, commissions, etc. which is your gross profit. Divide the gross profit by the annual revenue X 100 to receive your gross profit percentage)
4. What is the business current net profit margin as a %? (This is your annual revenue (turnover) less all direct costs (Gross Profit) less all other expenses. Divided by the annual revenue X 100 to receive the net profit percentage)
5. Over the past three years, has your revenue been steady, or growing, or declining? Add or subtract the percentage of growth or decline (enter 100% if steady).
6. Is your industry in a steady state, or is it in general growth or general decline? Add or subtract the percentage of growth or decline (enter 100% if steady).
7. If you were to sell all your inventory and assets, what do you think you would get for them? (Give a ballpark figure.)
8. Do you have financial accounts prepared by an accountant with historical, current and predicted revenue and expenses?
Select Your Answer Below
9. Do you have one customer that accounts for at least 15% of the overall revenue?
Select Your Answer Below
10. What has your business been valued at? (Enter Zero if unsure)


1. Why did you start your business and why do you want to grow it?
2. When did you start it?
3. What are the three biggest challenges you face in your business?
4. On the scale 1 to 10 - How well do you adapt to changes?
5. Where would you like to see yourself and your business 12 months from now? In 3 years?
6. Share a moment of pride in the life of your business?
7. Anything more you would like to share about you, your business or a ask a specific question you want answered?

Thank You For Submitting The Form!

Check Your Email For the Confirmation and Book Your Time for Assessment

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