Would you believe me if I told you that you can INCREASE your prices and STILL MAKE MORE SALES??!!


You can with this profit making component… getting higher prices for what you sell. We have over 25 strategies and tactics to increase revenue and profits fast and I find the Bundling strategy to suit almost every industry.


Bundling is simply the process of grouping together certain products to create 'packages' which are then sold to clients. When you do this, you completely eliminate the biggest complaint small business owners have these days… competing on price.


Bundling removes price from the equation by creating an “apples to oranges” comparison. You have to remember that customers today shop value… NOT PRICE! Unfortunately, small businesses are LOUSY at conveying their “value proposition”… so therefore, price becomes the only value proposition left to consumers.


The buyer decides if the price you charge is acceptable by determining the benefits they'll receive. Follow this to the letter and you can quickly and easily dominate your market.


In fact, you'll not only dominate, but you can charge double what your competition charges and still be viewed as the best deal around.


That's because prospects don't buy based on price. They buy based on value. The more value you add, the more you can charge and the more the prospect perceives they're getting the best deal. The key is to implement a series of proven and tested value-add strategies that position your product or service as offering the best deal… despite the fact that you charge double or triple what your competition charges.


Bundling can easily increase any businesses revenue by 25% to 40%. If we conservatively say that you could easily expect to see a minor 10% revenue increase in your first year of using this strategy - so what does that translate based on your current annual revenue?


In a recent case study, I found a small property developer £260,000 in additional annual revenue by implementing a bundling strategy… and that grows year after year. £260,000 in additional annual revenue increases the valuation of that business somewhere in the range of £780,000 - £1,040,000.

Want to know the

closely guarded secret

when it comes to price?

Bundling creates a

higher price point

and gives greater

perceived value

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Are you missing hidden profit in your business?


If you get very conservatively 10% increase in this area of your business over a year, what would your profit figure look like?


And what if the increase is 20% or probably 50%?

The only thing standing in your way now is getting all of this implemented in a timely and efficient manner.


Please let Visions Nspire know if this is something you would like to achieve?

Look forward to meeting you on the other side...


To Your Success!

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Antonina Manev is an Award-Winning Change-Maker Business Strategist , Management Consultant, Mentor, Speaker and Author with 30 years of experience in Education, Industry and Finance.


She founded VISIONS NSPIRE BUSINESS GROWTH  CONSULTANCY and The BUSINESS ONLINE ACADEMY to serve Business Owners, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs by helping them to increase business while working less and increase profits at no financial risk.


Based in East Sussex, UK  Antonina consults, trains and mentors business owners internationally.

Antonina is highly experienced in a myriad of business growth strategies, coaching techniques and NLP. She combined her background and knowledge of many years in the Corporate arena with a passion for accelerated success of Business Owners to build profitable and authentic businesses consistently and with confidence.

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