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ASK THE EXPERT Podcast - The Beginning


When The Lockdown began in March 2020 and I was no longer making car journeys to meetings, I suddenly discovered that I had much more time to give to business owners in need of guidance, support and advice.

I started actively contacting local businesses I never contacted before, telling them about the help I am available to give. There was so much confusion, sadness, fear for self and business, uncertainty about future and livelihood, questions, questions and more questions...

In one of those conversations I met Martina Mercer, a local journalist who was just starting a podcast to follow the Lockdown. In that midnight conversation after exchanging thoughts of fears, concerns, sadness and yet optimistic views on the future, we came up with this idea of Podcast Series to serve the small business owners with support, advice, different viewpoints, out-of-the-box ideas and thoughts of innovating and moving forward.

We called it "ASK THE EXPERT", later changed it to "ASK THE BUSINESS EXPERT" and now thinking of shortening it to "ASK THE BIZ-EXPERT".

There were technical challenges, which we overcame quickly. There were self-confidence fears and finding the 'Go, Do, Make Happen, Fear Later' spirit. I thought the first episode was a disaster. It is actually very difficult to Not Have the person you speak with in front of you and using their body-language to help you coordinate the timings of speaking...

Anyhow and anyway! We have published 6 weeks episodes since then. Answered questions coming from many listeners - business owners. Gave away many hours of FREE access to the online Business Mastery Program with totally free no obligation Breakthrough Sessions - helping business owners see light at the end of the tunnel, ideas to innovate, adapt services and products, even teaching them some top-secret strategies to gain advantage in the re-opening business world.

Finally, I will start posting links to the podcasts here as blogs, so you have them under one roof with Visions Nspire.

Here is the First One! Not perfect but just focus on the context ;-)))

If you wish to have your business challenge question answered - here is what you can do:

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