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The Worst Start-Up Enemy - Negative Feedback - "Ask The Business Expert" - Podcast

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Well, not quite, and let me help you plan for this in advance.

A new business start up with Samantha, who is worried about and how to deal with negative feed back; Charlotte would like to know how to make money out of her recently set-up CIC or whether she would faire better as a charity and Melanie asks how important networking is.

As per the usual generous weekly give-away: The first three people to send in a business question will receive Free 2-Days Training in the VisionsNspire's Online Business Mastery Program. Plus your question will be answered on our next Friday show. 

Here are some useful actions for businesses:

Take time now and take stock of your business.

• What do people currently need?

• What can you do or offer to meet immediate need

• What would have been your “normal” for this time of year?

• What has been upended, and how?

• What do you still have? COVID-19 and Business Restarts

At some time, business will transition and begin the process of restarting and rebuilding. Start thinking about what the new realities will be.

• What will business look like?

• What will have changed – customer expectations? resources? priorities?

• What will your past, present and future customers and clients need?

• What will they want?

• What will be their emotional needs?

• What will continue to evolve, and how quickly will these evolutionary changes occur?

Share your thoughts - let us know what you want to hear about next?

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Antonina Manev – Business Growth Strategist, Consultant for SMEs and Trainer

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