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YOU HAVE TIME NOW, SO READ THIS: 💥The news this morning – “800,000 businesses will never open doors after the C-19”💥

Over the past 10 days I have been working flat out with two types of business owners - one that have it and the other one to build rescue actions now.

There’s just no way I can stress enough the importance and misunderstood nature of this one in a post… and frankly it’s not one “I got” for a long time. Your ONE BUSINESS THING today is “Hitting A Ground Running”

So, I’ll just say this…. I hear a business owner commenting: “My business is not set up to do this or that, so I’ll just wait to see what happens.” or “I will only incur more costs if I try to flex the business, so I prefer to not have to worry about it.”🤔🤔🤔

Is making a ghastly error. My harsher voice wants to say… “Is an idiot.”🔺

Let’s go with that harsher voice so the point lands solidly like a hammer on a nail. ❗️Businesses do not go out of business because they run out of ideas… ❗️Businesses do not go out of business because they run out of opportunities… They go out of business for one reason, and one reason ONLY, because they have NO STRATEGY PLANNING.❗️ The end.

All kinds of businesses could make up for the lost ground caused by this nightmare Coronavirus…

Once the doors open they could go twice as hard and make all kinds of smart decisions, they didn’t previously make, thanks to all the soul searching while quarantined.

But… they will not be given the opportunity for ONE REASON.

The same 3 words that get you knocked out of Monopoly… NO STRATEGY PLANNING.

You heard it here first.

All a business owner needs to do and MUST DO IT NOW – get a strategy planning to hit the ground running when this is over.

Connect – we have solutions for any business, any budget, even free. 30 MIN - FREE SKYPE CALL -

Dedicated to Your Success Antonina Manev – Business Strategist, Fixer and Grower

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