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The Gift Shop and The Candle Maker - The Secret Of Commonality - Podcast "Ask The Business Expert"

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

How to make the secret of Commonality work and how businesses can evolve to generate cash?

This week (17th April 2020) we share what's currently trending in the world of business. We offer advice to Beverley who has closed her small gift shop for the foreseeable future and Ruth seeks advice on how to begin a small business selling her scented candles.

Antonina also talks about the process of applying for business grants, including the £5k grant she offers towards business training. Links have been included below.

Generous weekly give-away: The first three people to send in a business question will gain TWO DAYS TRAINING in the VisionsNspire's Online Business Mastery Programme. Plus, the three questions will be answered on our next Friday show.

Please send your question to: martinaunshakenunstirred@gmail.com

Links to information about Visions Nspire Business Grants:


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Antonina Manev is an Award-Winning Change-Maker Business Strategist , Management Consultant, Mentor, Speaker and Author with 30 years of experience in Education, Industry and Finance.


She founded VISIONS NSPIRE BUSINESS GROWTH  CONSULTANCY and The BUSINESS ONLINE ACADEMY to serve Business Owners, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs by helping them to increase business while working less and increase profits at no financial risk.


Based in East Sussex, UK  Antonina consults, trains and mentors business owners internationally.

Antonina is highly experienced in a myriad of business growth strategies, coaching techniques and NLP. She combined her background and knowledge of many years in the Corporate arena with a passion for accelerated success of Business Owners to build profitable and authentic businesses consistently and with confidence.

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