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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It’s a quiet December tradition of mine looking back, waving the old year goodbye and thanking for all it brought to me. But this time it is different. We are sending off a Whole Decade of the 21st Century!

Looking back and reflecting on the enormity of changes in our everyday lives in terms of environment, personal and business communications, the cardinal shifts of conscience, attitudes, and understandings at deeper levels – all brought to us by our technological advancement at the speed of light, without figuring out action plans beforehand.

How much has business and making business changed in a decade?

Business Life today hardly resembles what it was a decade or so ago. Consider the tools and services you take for granted on a daily basis: in 2006, almost no one used LinkedIn or Twitter, Facebook advertising didn’t exist, every desk had a landline, and cloud computing was still years away.

Fewer Meetings, Constant Communication

It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with your team, customers, suppliers, contractors, and so forth. The prevalence of smart-phones means all of us are available at all times. Virtually any work you would do at a computer you can now do from anywhere.

The Ability and Demand to Measure Impact

The days of subjective performance evaluations are no more. Analytics play a role in every part of doing business: production, sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing, research and development, human capital, and even legal departments. Data reporting makes more accurate predictions about businesses’ futures and in avoiding unnecessary risks.

A Savvier Audience Focused on Authenticity – The New Values

Demographics have shifted and different values have come to the forefront in purchasing behaviours. Younger consumers are savvier and driven more by a sense of ethical responsibility. They don’t respond to conventional marketing, and as such, businesses and their customers are interacting in new ways.

Technology Is To Blame. But We Created It.

In an instant, you can read others’ thoughts about your business, answer questions, and join the discussion. Consequently, businesses across the board invest loads of money and resources into building ongoing relationships with their audiences.

Doing It Yourself Is Out

It is almost impossible for a business owner to be pulling all strings at good speed at the same time continuously. Burnout or financial crash sweeps those who resist.

Outsourcing, embracing holacracy and using other decentralised management structures. All of it adds up to a picture of fragmentation—or to put it in more positive terms, “unbundling.”

Time Travel

To a time traveller from 2010, much of what I’ve mentioned so far would probably paint an overwhelmingly chaotic image of the future.

Just in the past Decade (2010) - Business environment has changed incredibly faster than the ability of SMEs to adapt to it in terms of knowledge, mindset, skills, tools, and perceptions.

To be fair, the world is a messier place than it was back then, but there’s a final key component that makes it all a little less complicated: you’re never alone.

What’s NEXT?



Whether as a business owner you are learning new skills, adapting to evolving industries and consumers, or facing an uncertain future, you need a wide network of information and support. It’s a big part of what we do.

At the threshold of the New Decade we are Stepping-Up with:

  • Business Growth Programmes - on-demand Business Strategies, Training, Consulting and Mentoring,

  • Insightful knowledge of fundamentals without which businesses can no longer survive or grow in today’s market,

  • Wide supportive structure towards the ‘must-have’ business demands,

  • On-Line platform to enable access at any time and place - tried and tested world-class business strategies and tactics in an fool-proof step-by-step road map every business can put in use straight away,

  • Affordable for the small business owners to eliminate crippling high-street fees,

  • Easy to use by anyone who starts, runs and leads a business.

After all, life is about embracing our time and evolving with its creations.


Welcome to a New Decade with Visions Nspire Business Academy – set firm foundations, move forward, grow and profit more - Nspired, Authentic while Making a Difference.


Visions Nspire Business Academy

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Dedicated To Your Success,

Antonina Manev - Business Growth StrategistP.S. Please remember that at any time you feel ready and qualified to move forward and acquire the professional help that can enable you to build the business of your dreams, just click here and check out our GROWTH PROGRAMMES. It's helping small business owners just like you get the answers and the help they need to build the business they have always wanted.

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